Nynne Livbjerg & Pernille Priergaard Worsøe

September 08 - October 28 2018


Nynne Livbjerg and Pernille Priergaard Worsøe departed from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in the mid-1990s, and have received the state's three-year working grant, as well as great support from the State Art Foundation. The two talented artists, who have been barely visible in the Danish art scene in recent years, will create a thoughtful exhibition that actively refers to the fact that the art hall was previously a transformer station where the black coal was transformed into white electric light.

The exhibition's work title is 'Transmission from Dark Spaces' and Nynne Livbjerg and Pernille Priergaard Worsøe will let dark and light meet in a form of realization pointing towards the inherent duality of everything. The overall concept thus takes the lead in familiar ambiguities and contrasts, such as beauty and demons, society and nature, dream and reality; all inevitable phenomena that are part of our common existence.


November 10 - January 13 2019

The visual artist Morten Stræde and author and professor of philosophy Frederik Stjernfelt has initiated an interdisciplinary and experimental collaboration with the special purpose of creating an intermediary sculptural, textual and installation exhibition in the art gallery's raw framework.

The exhibition will be a combination of Stjernfelt's physical text elements and Morten Stræde's new, tight sculptures, most of which will hang on the walls in an overall installation.



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