WHAT'S WRONG - Young Swiss and Danish Art

WHAT’S WRONG is an international exhibition with works of the three Swiss artists Manon Bellet, Manuel Burgener and Luc Mattenberger, as well as Mo Maja Moesgaard and Stine Marie Jacobsen from Denmark. The aim is to strengthen the artistic dialogue between Switzerland and Denmark, while giving the Danish audience an insight into the current Swiss art scene.


Manon Bellet (1979) contributes with a performative work that she will create on-site. Throughout the exhibition, she will collaborate with local musicians, which through their practice, continuously change, and eventually destroy the work. 

Manuel Burgener (1978) creates a site-specific installation especially made for the rooms in Kunsthal NORD. The work's main characteristic however, is not what we see in front of us as the final result, it is rather the question of what it is making visible, what it surrounds and encloses.

Luc Mattenberger (1980) is showing a site-specific installation, through which he reflects on the cleanliness and orderliness in a wide-range of institutions. The installation, whose main characteristic is a white tiled wall, takes the viewer in captivity, but how does it correspond to Nordkraft´s rather unclean past?

Mo Maja Moesgaard (1980) will, in a specially designed cinema, re-install the movie 'Slowly but Suddenly', which is about climate change and its possible consequences.

Stine Marie Jacobsen (1977) bases her work on her performance practices and texts such as German for Artists, which she will develop contextually in Kunsthal NORD.


The exhibition is supported by the Danish Statens Kunstfond, Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Embassy in Copenhagen and Aalborg Kommune.