Northern Jutlands Artists-Studio at Skydebanevej 9 and at level 5 in Nordkraft addresses visual artists in Northern Jutland with an offer of using joint workshop facilities. There is room for 12 artists. The purpose is to support the visual artistic production and create an environment for reciprocal inspiration between visual artists in Northern Jutland.  

Northern Jutlands Artists-Studio is for active, practising visual artists, who have strong ambitions about their artistic career, and who actively wish to utilise the workshops facilities in order to progress in the artistic development. 

It is expected, that the artists works independently, with a determined self-developing course towards an artistic career. There is no teaching at the studio, but occasionally there are seminars about topics and technique, of mutual interest. 

Kunsthal NORD administrates the applications and rental.


All artists are invited to apply for an available workshop place at Northern Jutlands Artists-Studio, however we only advertise for workshop places, when there are one or more available. We do not utilise a standard application form. In order for an application to be considered, it must contain:

  • The applicants name and contact information.
  • The applicants artistic background and resume.
  • Motivation for applying for a workshop place as well as the need for a workplace (graphic art, sculptures, stonemason, paintings etc.).
  • Relevant documentation in the form of pictures of previous work and projects as well as examples of the current artistic production. It is a good idea to enclose still photographs, DVD, catalogues, print etc. If pictorial material on CD is enclosed, the files must not be too large. Kunsthal NORD has the right to reject an applicant, if he or she is undocumented or if the enclosed material cannot be shown. 
  • The maximum volume of the application is 3 pages.
  • A prestamped and addressed return envelope. If the material has not been collected 3 months after our answer has been given, it will be destroyed. If the application is send by e-mail the maximum size is 5 MB.

Kunsthal NORD gathers the applications. Afterwards Kunsthal NORDs visitation council will handle the applications on the basis of the submitted material and an artistic assessment.

Send the application to: 
Kunsthal NORD
Kjellerups Torv 5, 2. floor
9000 Aalborg

Or by e-mail:



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