Kunsthal NORD collaborates across art and educational institutions with emphasis to promote the artistic work and contribute to the development of experimental art projects and communication activities.  

Furthermore, Kunsthal NORD is grateful for our art interested partners who help ensuring that our exhibitions and arrangements are of the highest quality. They also contribute to the fact, that the art hall can offer a high communication and representational level.    

Kunsthal NORD has collaborated/collaborates with the following institutions: 

  • Aalborg Kunstpavillon
  • Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg
  • Danish Visual Artists (BKF Nord)
  • Danish Crafts & Design Association
  • Nordkraft
  • Den Frie Udstillingsbygning
  • Art & Technology, Aalborg Universitet
  • BGK Nord - Aalborg Kulturskole
  • Aalborg Kommune
  • Tech College Aalborg
  • Børns Møde Med Kunsten (BMMK)
  • The University Library        


  • AKprint Aalborg



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