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AUGUST 2 - OCTOBER 20, 2019


In connection with Kunsthal NORD’s 10-year anniversary on August 1st, the Art Centre in Northern Jutland will be transformed to a temporary construction site. The two visual artists, Peter Olsen & Jan Danebod, will create their so far largest solo exhibition. It will inhabit 30 installation artworks, all made specifically for Kunsthal NORD and Nordkraft’s architectonic expression and uniqueness.  

The exhibition has been given the title Provisional Landscape. It will include several artistic mediums, such as installations, architectonic interventions, sculptural clutters, ready-mades, printed renderings, casts, text and print. The experience will be that of moving through a sort of storeroom with the accumulation of different industrial made building materials.

Paved kerbstones, organic formed natural stone and granite bollards have lost their original function and have now become formal objects by suddenly being part of a staged sculptural construction of elements we already know and understand, but do not necessarily assign aesthetic value.

The involved and radical exhibition will also present us with physical obstacles, as well as a collection of displayed billboards with renderings that replicates the constructed environment around us. A constructed reality the audience might experience as an image of that, which is left when the picture is removed. 

The exit from the exhibition will be down the fire-escape located in the opposite end from the entrance. The last installations in the exhibition will be placed at the bottom of the fire-escape in the square in front of Nordkraft.

Social Critique

“In Danebod & Olsen’s ambitious praxis there is an implicit social and activist critique, which challenges questions of ’a good life’, ’a sustainable society’ and ’Who is entitled to the city’s public space’.” Henrik Broch-Lips, Artistic Director at Kunsthal NORD comments. 

Jan Danebod & Peter Olsen imitates logical systems and recognisable objects, which they process and transform on a concrete, formal and aesthetic level. In continuation of the objects original function becoming neutralised, the aesthetics and meaning changes. 

“As the case is with Marcel Duchamp and Andy Warhols known ready-mades objects and materials, original meaning becomes transformed into something different than they are constructed for. Danebod & Olsen have a common interest in new ways of contemplating the category of the work, even in surroundings that is not defined as an art space beforehand.” Henrik Broch-Lips says. 

Jan Danebod & Peter Olsen are graduates of Det Jyske Kunstakademi (2006 & 2011). They are both talented visual artists, together as well as apart, known for intervening site-specific and contextually in the public- and semi-public space by exposing the strange, different and forgotten. 

The exhibition is funded by Danish Arts Foundation, Knud Højgaards Fond, Beckett Fonden, Augustinus Fonden and Danish Art Workshops.

For more information and interviews: 
T: 9982 4125

Thursday August 1, at 5 pm to 8 pm.

Opening Speech at 5 pm. 
by Councillor for Health and Culture Mads Duedahl.

Performance at 6 pm
by F.M. Einheit of the legendary Einstürzende Neubauten.

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