Theis Wendt
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APRIL 11 – JUNE 30 2019


For his so far biggest and most ambitious solo exhibition yet, Theis Wendt has a contextual and site-specific starting point in Nordkraft. He is inspired by ‘the factory’ as a representative symbol of how work, virtuality, global warming, nature and human today are fused together into a virtual factory that makes us all workers on an omnipresent workplace that never closes.

Theis Wendt (b. 1981) is an innovative visual artist, who works with a spatial and installatoric mode of expression in his artistic practice. He explores the image as space, surface, mirage, meaning and communication, and he uses todays digital stream of images in interaction with the analogue image to create abstract, spatial images and sculptures.

“My works attemps to expose the viewer with encounters of the world, where doubt about the worlds material reality is the first hand impression”, says Theis Wendt, who lives and works in Copenhagen.

For a year, Theis Wendt has worked on making sure the aesthetic and sensory experience of Kunsthal NORD will be characterized by a dreamy feeling of time being frozen and a reinterpretation of inner and outer spaces. The rooms will appear raw and unpolished, however, through spatial interventions the rooms will display expansive and dreamy perspectives, and virtual representations will expand the spatial limits, while surreal interventions will infect the architecture.

“Immediately, it might seem dark and dystopic, but I think there is light within the synthetic darkness. At least the works offer a number of romanticized looks into new, virtual depths”, says Theis Wendt.

The acceleration of man made technology has affected our experience of time and space and is constantly changing our view of reality on one side, and the reproduction of reality on the other side. Theis Wendt does not try to define what is real and what is representation, however he remains critically analyzing of image, medium and body.

“The new visual technologies virtual worlds are a central element in the works by Theis Wendt, however, it is in the space of reality thing happen. It is still with out bodies we come in contact with the art works”, says Henrik Broch-Lips, director and curator of Kunsthal NORD.
“Welcome to Nordkraft and a new, strongly embodied and virtual experience!”

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T: 9982 4125

Theis Wendt takes a break from the installation to talk about his exhibition.

Opening speech by head of culture Morten Koppelhus

The exhibition is supported by Statens Kunstfond, Knud Højgaards Fond, Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond & Den Hielmstierne-Rosencroneske Stiftelse.

Theis Wendt (b. 1981) has an education from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts from 2002-2008. He has been very active since 2006, and he has had exhibitions on several exhibition venues both national and international. He has had soloexhibitions at Cinnnamon, Rotterdam 2018, D7 in Copenhagen, 2007, Andersens Contemporary in 2014, and Tranen in Gentofte 2013. He lives and works in Copenhagen.

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