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JANUARY 15 - APRIL 1, 2020

Jesper Carlsen’s virtual art practice has arrived to Nordkraft in Aalborg. The iconic industrial architecture is the starting point for the digital exhibition CAVE. It is an exhibition that is on the border between our world and the virtual dimension. A meeting that forms the basis for new digital opportunities and an interactive user experience.

The artist Jesper Carlsen has created a digital installation that will give passers-by a whole new experience of Nordkraft. More precisely, the artist has chosen to focus on Nordkraft’s Turbinegalleri centrally located between DGI Huset and Kunsthal NORD. The exhibitions CAVE is a new, ambitious animation and VR project in a wide range of digital experiments that have been shown and experiences both at home and abroad.

The animation ’CAVE’ is shown on Kunsthal NORD’s monumental video wall in Turbinegalleriet. Nordkraft’s unpolished, raw concrete and yellow bricks provide a clear contrast to the screen’s ”smooth” digital surface. The universe on the screen is created from the artist’s experience of a standard virtual space. Jesper Carlsen wants to explore the ”pure” virtual dimension.

The work is created via photogrammetry as the artist moved around the virtual space, he forwards information and images of the space to a computer, which via photogrammetry allows algorithms to create three-dimensional shapes from two-dimensional images. The result is a model of an experienced space rather than just a scan or a ‘copy’ of room’s parameters. A space that does not exist physically, but a new space in extension of Nordkraft’s architecture. The model opens up a study of the three-dimensional space and gives users of Turbinegalleriet the opportunity to explore the ‘layers’ of the room with a fresh look, a form of archaeological examination of the virtual space.

The second element of the exhibitions is a virtual reality experience that will allow the user to get a closer look at Jesper Carlsen’s virtual parallel universe. Here, the architectural details and textures of Turbinegalleriet will be interspersed with an interactive VR-experience that blurs the transition from concrete to virtual reality. The virtual Turbinegalleri is developing in beautiful, surreal directions and may be pushing for your familiar experience of Nordkraft’s family architecture – even after you take off your VR-glasses.

Jesper Carlsen (b. 1977) graduated from Det Fynske Kunstakademi in 2006 and has received the Statens Kundfond’s Arbejdslegat in 2017. His digital art practice has been in the last decade, among, other thing, been shown at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Tranen, Overgaden Institut for Samtidskunst and Sierra Metro in Edinburgh. The artist lives and works in Copenhagen.

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