Open Academy was established in the fall of 2008, it is a cooperation between Kunsthal NORD, Kunsten and Art & Technology (AAU) and located in the art centres rooms, Open Academy is an art institution without walls. Through presentations, Artists Talks and workshops Open Academy will create a forum for debate about contemporary art, talent forming, competency development and cooperation across culture- and educational institutions.   

Open Academy initiates presentations by art experts about current art themes or meetings between the artists and the audience, where the audience can be introduced to the artists and their works, ideas and thoughts as well as development and work processes.    

Open Academy cooperates with the regions relevant cultural- and educational institutions about the content. The arrangements are hosted at Kunsthal NORD or at other locations in the region. 

Open Academy addresses primarily regional artists, art students and art professionals, who wish to gain insight into the state of contemporary art.


Young Academy is Kunsthal NORDs communicative platform and an experimental learning environment for current and relevant contemporary art for public schools and upper secondary educations. In cooperation with the school/place of study we schedule differentiated teaching – this could for instance be an art salon where the concept of art is introduced and debated, a workshop with art practice or something completely different.

Call or write and hear more about the opportunities.

Kunsthal NORD
P: +45 9989 4125

Price: Agreed price 
Duration: 1-3 lessons 



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