Kunsthal NORD is a Contemporary Art Centre located in a post-industrial combined heat and power plant in the very heart of Aalborg city, Denmark. 

The exhibition facilities have a raw, industrial look, which creates the best spatial and contextual conditions for new, surprising and critical exhibitions.

Kunsthal NORD has existed since 2009 and is the only recognized art center in Northern Jutland. The main purpose of Kunsthal NORD is to exhibit and communicate experimental contemporary Danish and international visual art with a focus on high quality, but with a particular commitment to the regional art scene.

In addition, bringing brand new and untested art to the region and at the same time being an active, innovative and critical partner at the scene of contemporary art it is also an important task.

Kunsthal NORD strives to create exhibitions that are at the forefront of new trends in art, and exhibits primarily artists who break with tradition and create their own expressions. Dialogue is a keyword, and with the main focus on the audience, Kunsthal NORD functions as a platform for debate, communication and conversation about the current contemporary art.

As an experimental space for art production Kunsthal NORD annually produces up to eight exhibitions of new Danish and international contemporary art at the highest level, which crosses media, generations and regional borders. The exhibitions are solo, duo and group exhibitions, and our audiences are both local, regional, national and international.  

Kunsthal NORD inaugurates and presents guided tours in the current exhibition, artist talks, debates, art performances, art sessions and masterclasses for professional artists and curators. The main focus is to create new experimental and sustainable dialogues in a broad context between Kunsthal NORD, the artists and the audience.  

Furthermore, Kunsthal NORD runs the Northern Jutland’s Artists-Studio and Open Academy.

Kunsthal NORD is a municipal art institution, which functions with operating aid from Aalborg municipality. The art center is managed by an artistic director in collaboration with a broadly assembled Advisory Board. On the 1st of August 2014 Kunsthal NORD became accepted in The Danish Association of Art Centers, FKD.











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