JUNE 1ST - JULY 20TH 2024

Opening: June 1st from 1 - 4 PM

The exhibition ‘Signs and Symptoms’ by Luna Scales and Marie Vedel shows of a number of works which in different ways investigate and work with the human body as something that is defined through the language and measurements of the outside world, mainly from the health system and social structures.

Luna Scales' video works explore the meeting between doctor/therapist and patient, both from a personal and cultural historical angle. The works in the exhibition revolve around processing memories from hospital examinations, the poetry of diagnostics, medical ethics, and the camera as a measuring tool of the body.

Marie Vedel exhibits collected product images and sounds from the pharmaceutical industry. Through sections and zoom-ins, the works reflect an industry whose scope and influence on both the climate and our lives can seem unfathomable. Marie Vedel will also perform an audio drama during the exhibition period. The specific time and date will be announced on Kunsthal NORD’s homepage and social media.

About the artists:

Luna Scales (b. 1992) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2020. Scales' works have been exhibited at several group exhibitions both nationally and internationally, and in 2019 she had a solo exhibition at Bonniers Konsthall in Stockholm, Sweden. Her artistic practice is primarily based in video as a medium, through which she investigates how we view, refer to and experience the body from a medical perspective, in order to create a language that reaches beyond the objective science of the medical field.

Marie Vedel (b. 1990) graduated from Konsthögskolan in Malmö in 2020. With a scanning gaze as her prism, Marie Vedel often works in a collective art practice with text-based performance, sculpture, video, and audio dramas with a focus on the body as an entity to be instructed and directed and the mouth as both a private and public place where material such as speech, medicine etc. is exchanged with the outside world. Most recently, she exhibited at SIGNAL, Malmö, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde and Kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga.

The exhibition is supported by the Statens Kunstfond, Ny Carlsbergfondet, Blixfonden, Den Hielmstierne-Rosencronske Stiftelse and BKF's accessibility funding.

Graphics: Marie Højlund

Poem for exhibition: Fie Martens Ljungmann

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