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AUGUST 1 - OCTOBER 17, 2020

Kunsthal NORD presents the exhibition Inside Colour which is a new massive total installation by Bodil Nielsen integrated in the art center’s industrial architecture. The exhibition gives insight to Bodil Nielsen’s many years of artistic research into the role of the color in the visual art, and centers around the potential of visual arts in creating a sentient and conceptual associative room.

Through a precisely composed set up of sentient and conceptual space, Inside Colour explores in contexts between the interrelationships of fabrics and textures, and how they activate our individual and common cultural imagery. The exhibition thus unfolds the potential of the art as a space of imagination.

Bodil Nielsen’s installation moves in a spectrum which extends from the art works potential for interpretation and reference to move the audience by virtue of its references to the immediate untranslatable sentient experience of an artwork.

The exhibition opens up to unconscious contexts that we humans cognitively create experiencing the world. Bodil Nielsen’s informal approach to the media she uses in Inside Colour tells about a view on art history which is like a basin to scoop from.

The involvement of instruments and grips from design, graphic and architecture demonstrate a wish for a clearer view on the potential of the aesthetic without convention. She includes the transmedial without approaching the functional side of the function-driven subjects in order not to lose the most essential thing art can give us; its immediate space of imagination and its ability to disseminate a world of ideas.

Bodil Nielsen is an artist living in Copenhagen. Through painting, graphics, and installation she explores the artworks possibility for ambiguous perception in the mental and sentient room. In 2020 she received Statens Kunstfond’s lifelong honors and The Eckersberg Medaillen in 2013. Bodil Nielsen has exhibited in Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning; White Box, New York, USA; MADC Costa Rica; Stenersen Museum, Oslo; Boijmans van Beuningen Museum, Rotterdam, as well as having made numerous public decorations. Her artworks are to be found in Statens Museum for Kunst, Statens Kunstfond and Ny Carlsbergfondet’s collections. Bodil Nielsen is educated from Det Kgl. Danske Kunstakademi (1986-1991) and Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht (1991).

The exibition is supported by Statens Kunstfond, Becket-tfonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, Grosserer L.F. Foght Fond, KVADRAT and KEIM.

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